Are Foes’ Foes Friends?

If ideologies differ only in their degree of consequential permissiveness, with Conservatism comprising the least consequentially permissive theories, and Radicalism¬† comprising the most consequentially permissive ones, Moderatism comprises the set of theories with average permissiveness. Moderates differ from and agree on with Conservatives only as much as they differ from and agree on with Radicals. […]

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The Optimism of Public Intellectuals

Optimism can be especially tempting for intellectuals. Their ability to turn a phrase, and experienced ease in reasoning to a feasible reconciliation of constraints and affordances implicit in their experience of the human condition, can make it harder for them to tell the doxastic furniture of their worldviews from the alethic furniture of the world. […]

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Knowns Unknown

Mullah Nassr Eddin once taught the easy lesson: when it rains the pavements get wet. We’ve learned, the hard way, what he says happens only if when it rains and the pavements don’t get wet the pavements get wet. NOTE: This poem has been edited to reflect the response to the elaboration, -which draws on […]

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Giving What You Can’t

We err we’re human Forgiveness is divine, and, it’s rude to play god. Oftener than it’s not, to forgive is not for all; issue and receipt. It is right to give only what is right to give, yeah, don’t gainsay sayings. To forgive’s to err god’s shoes too big, our feet small. The very idea! […]

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