An Evening in Paros

Marriage strengthens said Ovid
toughens men, chisels away their flaws, makes them new.
Marital beds make martial the sedentary.
Forgive my weakness, Myrto
Rock-blows to your head make this bachelor bold.

Ahmed Waqas, Ahmet Vaka, Ahmet Bakas, and Ahmet Vakash,
for your parents’ forgiveness I’ll pay my life
Even 25 times over!,  yes, but first
Myrto make four men of me, teach me what we’re.



“the suspect was a man who worked by the crime scene.[8] Specifically the mother of the teenage girl reported that she saw a man, wearing white trousers and a colorful shirt, walking away from the crime scene. Waqas Ahmed’s co-workers said that he was wearing this kind of clothes at work the day of the incident. However, Ahmed had already left the island to go to Athens, ostensibly because of the serious illness of one of his relatives.[8] Ahmed was picked up during a random check in Athens and DNA was used to identify him as the likely culprit.[9] A gardener, Ahmed had told his Paros employers that he had to leave the island to visit an ailing family member.[10][11]
“Waqas Ahmed, was reportedly calm and emotionless while describing the events of the crime to the police officers. As he stated, his first intention was to steal the girl’s mobile phone but she tried to repel his attack. Then, he started beating her with a rock until she fell unconscious. While the girl could not fight anymore he raped her and then beat her again against the stones.”


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