Are Foes’ Foes Friends?

If ideologies differ only in their degree of consequential permissiveness, with Conservatism comprising the least consequentially permissive theories, and Radicalism  comprising the most consequentially permissive ones, Moderatism comprises the set of theories with average permissiveness.

Moderates differ from and agree on with Conservatives only as much as they differ from and agree on with Radicals. They have neither enough in common with either to become allies, nor enough to disagree on to make enemies of either.

Moderates view Conservatives and Radicals with indifference, and seek neither to be allies nor enemies to any one party more than they do to the other. This is what makes them appear suspect to both Conservatives and Radicals; uncommitted to either party line the Moderates’ strategies are independent of the Conservatives’ and Radicals’ strategies-which are mutually incompatible, and so interdependent. Thus, in the Moderates Conservatives and Radicals find enemies’ enemies who-though not enemies-aren’t friends.


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