Demography & Privilege

Privilege Theory Originated in the Most Economically Privileged Country in the World The earliest cognates of the concept of privilege, which track unearned advantages that may or may not be discriminatory, can be traced back to E. B. Du Bois. Though the commonly known form of the concept is perhaps most aptly credited to Peggy […]

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An Evening in Paros

Marriage strengthens said Ovid toughens men, chisels away their flaws, makes them new. Marital beds make martial the sedentary. Forgive my weakness, Myrto Rock-blows to your head make this bachelor bold. Ahmed Waqas, Ahmet Vaka, Ahmet Bakas, and Ahmet Vakash, for your parents’ forgiveness I’ll pay my life Even 25 times over!,  yes, but first […]

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